As ministry leaders, we are constantly evaluating our ministry and trying to measure success, but if we want to build momentum and have a lasting impact we need to make sure we are measuring the right things.

Join Lisette Fraser as she breaks down the 5 timeless values you need to use as gauges in order to measure success in your next-gen ministry.

Timestamps from Episode:

“We can’t do a lot to plan for crisis in culture… but what can do is plan for the life stage transitions.” (2:50)

“You know what I realized when this pandemic hit? I’m not really sure that my ministry actually reflects what I say I believe.” (4:05)

“It is really hard to find consistent people that will invest in people’s lives for the sake of spiritual development.” (7:16)

“The only thing that works in crisis, is relationship.” (9:26)

“How do you view your role in a kid’s spiritual development?” (12:42)

“What does it look like for us to really champion [parents], to really engage them, to really encourage them, and to really equip them for success?” (13:56)

“It is important for us to fight for alignment.” (17:21)

“We need to refine the message in such a way that we can trust one another on our teams, from preschool through high school, that we’re all building on those blocks together to help a young person run a faith for a lifetime.” (19:18)

“How do we reflect that we believe young people can make an impact now?” (21:19)

“What we’ve been entrusted with is way too important to not evaluate.” (23:14)


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