Weekly to Orange Membership FAQs

Weekly partners, we’re excited that your current subscription is becoming an Orange Membership. But we also know that you may have some questions. Listed below are answers to what is changing, what’s not, and how to navigate all the “new.”

Why is Weekly changing? At Orange, we realize that the needs of the church are constantly changing—especially now—so we are always innovating to bring you the most helpful ministry tools. As digital resources have become more important in the last year, we want to make sure we equip you with the resources and tools you need. We’re creating Orange Membership to bring you the tools and resources you need now—in this new ministry space. You’ll have access to a growing library of resources centered around answering the questions you ask most.

What does Orange Membership offer? Orange Membership offers you new Social Media Kits to encourage and inspire parents and volunteers. Practical ministry resources to help you as you innovate in digital ministry. Exclusive members-only perks (like first-access to Orange events). And we’re just getting started.

We’re currently in the process of creating and updating many resources we think you’ll love. We’ll be updating the library all the time, and you can see what’s new each month in our monthly newsletter! (As an Orange Member, you’re already subscribed to receive these.)

Is the cost the same? Yes, the cost is still $19.99, and you are auto-billed for your subscription.

What if I want to make changes to my account? Simply log in to Orange Membership and select My Account. You can update your credit card information there. Your email and password can be managed in the Orange Store since those accounts use the same login information.

What if I have an annual subscription? For Weekly subscribers, your annual subscription will renew to Orange Membership unless you choose to make any changes to your account. Orange Membership does not offer an annual subscription for new accounts, but your current Weekly account allows you to be grandfathered into this new system under the same terms as your previous Weekly subscription. This will continue until the end of your annual subscription. At that point, your Membership will renew for an annual subscription, or you can choose to switch to a monthly one.

My Weekly account let me add additional team members. Does Orange Membership offer that as well? Because Orange Membership is a membership program, it’s intended for individual use rather than one account per organization. This new membership experience will not support secondary users. Therefore, only the team owner of a Weekly account will have access. Secondary users on your current Weekly account are being given free access to Orange Membership until May 1. After that, they will need to purchase their own Orange Membership subscription.

What changes are being made to social media? Weekly’s social media plans are always evolving—like social media itself. Since church social media is more important now than ever before, our goal is to simplify by creating more optional content. Rather than telling you what to post every day, we’re slowly shifting to an approach that allows you to pick and choose from different social media kits for what works in your context each week.

The social media kits provided from Orange Membership won’t be age-specific or day-specific anymore, but they’ll be topical and general enough that you can use them for either of your parent or small group leader audiences. We hope this makes it easier for you to implement the social content and gives you the freedom to post on the days it makes the most sense for your ministry context.

Why do social media plans no longer offer Orange curriculum content? Curriculum social media plans are getting an upgrade and will be available through an Orange Curriculum subscription. While we know this creates less of a one-stop-shop approach for all your social media needs, it will make both aspects of your social media better—better social content surrounding your curriculum communication and better social content to encourage and train parents and volunteers.

What about emails? As we streamline, simplify, and focus our offerings, the emails fit less and less into our overall strategy. If you are a curriculum subscriber, you can find parent emails as part of downloadable content. Also, Orange Membership will offer a general email template that you can use to create and customize your own communication to small group leaders and parents. (The email templates will be available in early February.)

Some of the resources that were in the Weekly Resource Library are no offered on Orange Membership. Why? Our goal with Orange Membership is to provide you with relevant, updated, digital resources that can be used to connect, inspire, and encourage small group leaders and parents. We will be adding to our resources throughout the year, however, if there is a resource from the old Weekly library that you need, simply contact us at partnersupport@thinkorange.com and we’ll be happy to send it to you.

Do I need to be an Orange Curriculum user to benefit from Orange Membership? You don’t have to be an Orange curriculum user to benefit from Orange Membership, but you probably want to be implementing the Orange Strategy. At Orange, we believe the two biggest influences in a kid or teen’s life are their families and their small group leaders. Many of the resources available through Orange Membership are intended to equip you to inspire, encourage, and connect with those two groups. You can also find training on Orange strategy here: https://start.orangekidmin.com/orange-strategy/


Need help? Contact us at orangeleaders@thinkorange.com or call 866.343.4874.