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Paula Dannielle
Paula Dannielle
Paula Dannielle has worked with kids and students for over twenty years. She has been a volunteer, pastor, teacher, and a coach. Paula currently serves in Charlotte, NC at Forest Hill Church as an Associate Pastor. Paula is passionate about developing leaders to serve the Church with love and compassion amongst a world of anger and division. Paula is the proud mother of three gorgeous daughters: Chayil Destiny, Charity Joy, and Cherish Faith.
Large Group Experiences for Adults, Parenting and Marriage, Small Group Leader Training, The Phase Project, Volunteer Training
Paula Dannielle has worked with kids and students for over 20 years and has undergraduate and graduate degrees from Arizona State University and Emory University’s Candler School of Theology. Paula was ordained in July 2012. Paula serves in Charlotte at Forest Hill Church. She assisted the multi-site congregation in transitioning to a family ministry model and incorporating the Orange Curriculum and Strategy. Paula created an 8-week, full-day summer camp program for underserved communities. Paula co-leads the church’s initiative to cultivate diversity in a context that is historically racially and economically homogenous. In 2020, Paula was named the congregation’s first female Associate Pastor. Paula is a regular contributor to Orange. She also created a ministry coaching firm, Purpose Over Rules, helping churches develop ministries that intentionally impact the faith of the next generation. Paula is the proud mother of three beautiful daughters: Chayil Destiny, Charity Joy, and Cherish Faith.
Paula Dannielle
Favorite Topics
Anything from The Phase Project SGL Training - the Lead Small Principles, Addressing difficult topics, Connecting with Parents, Group Behavior Management, Understanding Orange Strategy Volunteer & Leader Training - Working with diversity, Encouragement & Enthusiasm, Maintaining Spiritual Health, Conflict Resolution, Understanding Popular Culture, Women in Ministry Parenting - Single Parents, Parenting Teenagers, Launching Young Adults, Large Group Experiences for Adults - Spiritual Development, Leadership Development, Diversity, Understanding Popular Culture
Cost Range
Live Speaking: $500-$1,500
Virtual Speaking: Email for Price
Podcasts: Email for Price
Paula Dannielle
"Paula is a rare voice in our culture because she speaks to audiences of diverse backgrounds, and makes leaders feel empowered to affect change in the world. The way she combines theological relevance, practical ideas, and laughter makes her one of the best speakers going around."
-Dave Adamson, Orange Australia

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