Charlie Conder
Orange Students Specialist
Large Group Experiences for Students, Small Group Leader Training, Volunteer Training
About Charlie Conder
I have worked with students for over 22 years in education and ministry settings. Since 2004, I have had the privilege of serving in the local United Methodist Church. During my time in ministry, I have coached adult volunteers to consistently lead small groups of middle school teens, organized large middle school ministry worship experiences, and lead an on-campus ministry program at a local middle school. My extensive experience with students and families along with my Advanced Coaching Certification, gives me a unique approach to ministry. I currently live in Metro Atlanta area with my husband Eric and we occasionally see our two daughters when they need food or want to do laundry. Specialties: Youth ministry for medium-sized churches, small groups, volunteer training, developing relational growth with youth, creating small group environments.
Favorite Topics
Leadership training for volunteers- self care/burnout- anything lead small student gatherings- student leadership trainings
"As a full time youth minister with over 40 kids to tend to, I know more than most the importance of putting youth in front of energetic, engaging, and captivating speakers. Charlie Conder 100% fits the bill. Charlie's down to earth and relatable personality breaks down barriers in teenage hearts, and allows her to connect with youth and young adults on a level that I rarely see at retreats. She spoke at our Lake Junaluska Summer Youth Retreat and my kids not only fell in love with her, but took the message she delivered to heart and we are still seeing the lasting results today! Her intelligence and expertise come through in her talks in ways that keep youth attentive and self analyzing. Off the stage, Charlie is approachable and helpful in so many ways, especially when it comes to kids that have had breakthroughs during her lessons. If you are looking for someone to speak at any event, large or small, who will truly have an impact with you youth and bring them closer to Christ, Charlie is your girl. "
- Mack King, China Grove UMC