It’s no secret that staying healthy and avoiding burnout in ministry is no easy task. That’s why we need to have a strategy in order to take care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This week, Mike Foster breaks down how we can be healthy in ministry so we can be in this for the long haul.


Timestamps from Episode:

In order for you to show up as your best self and have your best contribution, you have to have a strategy for your heart, for your mind, and for your body. You have to have a strategy for health. (2:32)

There are certain things in your ministry, and maybe in your leadership that are just not gelling the way you think it should gel — and that’s taking a toll on you. (5:56)

Part of having a healthy life and having a healthy ministry is for us to make the choice to say, “My health is a priority.” (6:37)

If you want to have a healthy ministry, if you want to create healthy leadership, if you want your team to thrive, if you want your family to thrive, you have to pay very close attention to what’s underneath the surface. (9:08)

Smart leaders, strategic leaders, will pay attention to what’s underneath the surface. (11:24)

Self-care is not selfish, but self-care is strategic. (15:15)


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