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Youth Ministry Pitch Kit

You know how important youth ministry is — that’s why you signed up for this gig. As the youth pastor, you care about the faith and future of teenagers, and you know the unique opportunity this phase presents to make a huge impact on their lives. But if you were the senior pastor, executive minister, operations officer, or facilities director, you might have a slightly different lens.

That’s why we’ve created this Youth Ministry Pitch Kit. We want to help you help the leaders in your organization understand what you do, why you do it,  when you teach core concepts, how to prioritize youth ministry, and where to invest in it financially.

In this Kit, you’ll find:

  • Planning Guides
  • Presentation Slides
  • Four unique, plug-and-play Pitch Scripts:
    • Why Youth Ministry? A quick reminder that youth ministry is pretty much the most important thing your church can do.
    • Why Orange? Because your ministry is so important, you must be strategic. That’s where the Orange strategy can help align your leadership around common values.
    • Why curriculum? Help leaders understand why your job should be measured not by the content you write but by the relationships you build.
    • Why XP3 Curriculum? A full script to help you present what makes XP3 theologically and developmentally sound


If you want to learn more about XP3 Curriculum or try a month free, click here!

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