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Global Tragedy – Student Ministry Volunteer Conversation Guides

According to the Center for Preventative Action, currently, there are about 30 ongoing conflicts in the world right now, ranging from terrorist insurgencies to ethnic conflicts and civil wars. These examples remind us how many tragedies are happening and the way they can have a major impact on us all. The truth is, life can hurt. We face circumstances outside our control or tragic situations that completely catch us off guard. Dealing with that kind of hurt is complicated and can feel overwhelming.

If you’re a volunteer who leads middle school and high school students, these free guides provide best practices, prompts, and language to help conversations about global tragedies matter more.

Free download includes:

  • A Middle School Volunteer’s Guide to Talking About A Global Tragedy
  • A High School Volunteer’s Guide to Talking About A Global Tragedy

Student ministry leaders, we have also created a free 3-week curriculum series called “Hurt” that addresses several forms of crisis and how to help students respond to tragedy. Download the free kit here.

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