Episode Description: Whether you like it or not, parents are more influential in their children’s lives than we are as leaders. So in order to better serve the kids and teens we work with, we need to understand their parents. In this episode, Mitchel McGhee breaks down our latest parent research from a study conducted by Orange and Parent Cue. He shares some of the key insights we learned about what parents value and worry about at each life stage, and he explains how this information can inform the way we minister to kids and their families.


Episode Recap:

  • As leaders, we need to understand that parents have more influence than we do (0:42)
  • Family needs are changing, and the church has an opportunity to respond (5:00)
  • Helping today’s parents will also equip the next generation to parent better (8:07)
  • We’ll talk through a few key insights that can impact our ministries (10:22)
  • What do parents want for their kids? (12:14)
  • The things parents value most change at each life stage (14:38)
  • What do parents worry about most for their kids at different ages? (18:35)
  • The church can do so much more to support parents (26:28)