Episode Description: Today’s young people are not necessarily less religious than previous generations, it’s just that they have far less trust in institutions. In this episode, we share a breakout session from Orange Conference with Dr. Josh Packard, Executive Director of Springtide Research Institute. Josh shares some of Springtide’s findings about religion among 13-25 year olds that are especially relevant for ministry leaders. He also offers up some practical examples of what it looks like to build relationships at scale.

Episode Recap:

  • Springtide focuses on data with heart (1:11)
  • The stories that we tell ourselves matter (5:01)
  • Gen Z is the most diverse generation, and it’s hard to wrap our heads around that (9:27)
  • More and more kids are having conversations about religion outside of church (16:39)
  • It’s not that religion is declining, but institutional trust is (20:57)
  • The trust revolution has also created a crisis of belonging (25:52)
  • The only solution to trust and belonging is relationship (38:45)
  • How to build relationships at scale (46:15)
  • Belonging precedes believing (52:40)