Episode Description: If we want to help our kids develop a resilient faith, we need to be willing to engage with certain tensions. In this episode, we share a breakout session with Dan Scott, director of 252 Elementary Strategies and author of “Caught In Between: Engage Your Preteens Before They Check Out.” Dan unpacks eight key tensions that leaders need to embrace in their ministries and relationships. These tensions will help you meet kids where they are and equip them to grow into lifelong followers of Jesus.

Episode Recap:

  • Resilience isn’t bouncing back to the faith of your childhood, it’s moving forward (0:56)
  • Our job is to make sure kids have something to hold onto when questions pop up (2:59)
  • We need to hold certain things in tension in order to best support our kids (4:36)
  • Theology and human development (5:36)
  • Context and contextualization (7:40)
  • Decisions and process (11:05)
  • Insiders and outsiders (13:30)
  • Timeless and temporary (17:21)
  • Faith and reason (19:03)
  • Cognitive learning and emotional intelligence (22:00)
  • Large group and small group (24:54)