Episode Description: Jesus told us to go into the world and preach the Gospel, and in today’s digital world, churches have an enormous opportunity to connect with people online. In this episode, Dave Adamson talks with host Trey McKnight about Dave’s new book, “Meta Church.” Dave explains what it means to build one congregation that exists in multiple expressions, and he shares practical advice for shifting your mindset around social media and beginning to use it as a discipleship tool.

Episode Recap:

  • “Meta” describes something that is changing or going beyond its capacity (4:31)
  • A Meta Church is one congregation with multiple expressions across platforms (7:35)
  • Jesus called us to go and meet people where they are, which includes online (10:05)
  • Stop seeing social media as a promotional tool and start using it as a discipleship tool (14:15)
  • Jesus and Paul used the tools they had to amplify their message (17:26)
  • We should make sure there’s a purpose behind everything we put out online (24:12)
  • Churches need to be there for the “zero moment of truth” online (26:43)
  • Now more than ever, people are looking for faith-related answers online (35:12)
  • We’re already creating content with sermons, it’s just about repurposing (45:02)
  • How to connect with Dave (48:00)