Episode Description: How can we create an environment for our kids that supports their mental health? And how should we respond when our child is struggling? In this episode, we share a preview of a new Parent Cue course with Will Hutcherson and Dr. Chinwé Williams: “Parenting with Mental Health in Mind.” Will shares why hope is a critical response for our children to develop, and Dr. Chinwé explains the factors that increase someone’s risk for mental health conditions, and some of the common signs to watch out for.


Episode Recap:

  • There is always hope for our kids, teens, and young adults (1:40)
  • 3 tools to help our kids build their own hope responses (3:51)
  • What’s happening in the brain that affects our mental health? (9:58)
  • 3 factors that increase someone’s risk for a mental health condition (12:26)
  • Look for signs that your kids may be struggling (14:45)
  • When to consult a mental health provider or pediatrician (16:48)