Conflict is unavoidable, so how can we as leaders get better at leading through difficult situations and uncomfortable conversations? In this episode, we share a conversation from the “Rethinking Youth Ministry” podcast about handling conflict as a ministry leader. The panelists explain how understanding their own conflict styles has helped them better approach difficult conversations. They also share practical tips and resources for navigating conflict and teaching our students how to experience healthy conflict themselves.

Episode Recap:

  • In this episode we’re talking about handling conflict in youth ministry (1:06)
  • What are we afraid of around conflict? (3:03)
  • People tend to lean toward winning, yielding, or compromising (8:31)
  • Tell us a story about conflict (10:14)
  • Knowing ourselves can help us handle conflict in a healthy way (15:22)
  • Trust is a gift, but know when you need to have a conversation (19:23)
  • How to recognize when conflict is healthy (24:55)
  • Part of our job is to teach teenagers how to have healthy conflict (32:42)
  • Practical tips for leading through conflict (39:07)
  • OIC: Observe, Interpret, Clarify (46:06)
  • Resources for having difficult conversations (48:08)