Episode Description: How can we continue to lead well when real life gets in the way? In this episode, we share a panel discussion from the “Rethinking Youth Ministry” podcast that explores our responsibilities as youth leaders when leading through a storm. The panelists open up about their own experiences and share practical tips for making sure you get the care you need so you can lead others through challenging seasons.

Episode Recap:

  • What do we do when real life collides with youth ministry? (1:26)
  • People will look at you to see how you respond to situations (14:16)
  • It’s difficult to balance our own processing with leading the community through it (19:48)
  • When you’re leading your church through a storm, make sure you’re getting the care you need (27:10)
  • How do we stay healthy while leading through tough moments? (28:06)
  • We can’t always control our church’s culture (32:50)
  • Know who you can turn to in a crisis (35:00)
  • Don’t forget to breathe (38:41)
  • Look for safe people inside and outside the church (40:32)