Episode Description: How can we as leaders continue to have an impact on students even when they can’t show up every week? In this episode, we kick off our summer podcast takeover by sharing a previous episode of the “Rethinking Youth Ministry” podcast.  Brett Talley, Ashley Bohinc, Stuart Hall, and Dan Scott discuss the different perspectives of parents, leaders, coaches, and students and challenge us to think differently about the ways we support our students in and outside of the church walls.

Episode Recap:

  • This week we’re sharing an episode of the Rethinking Youth Ministry podcast (0:07)
  • Surviving the constant competition between church and sports (1:06)
  • It’s not realistic to expect church to always take priority over sports (6:28)
  • Our job is to equip students to influence their peers (12:20)
  • How can we best support kids and families when they’re not at church? (18:42)
  • It’s time for leaders to reimagine what faith community looks like (27:07)