Episode Description: How are today’s teens experiencing anxiety, and what can we learn from  the Bible about dealing with this challenge? In this episode, we share a few different perspectives on the topic of anxiety. You’ll hear from a group of high schoolers and from Licensed Professional Counselor Dr. Chinwé Williams about the ways anxiety is impacting Gen Z. We also share a lesson from the Psalms about how each of us can approach God with our anxiety.


Episode Recap:

  • Today you’ll hear from some high school students talking about anxiety. (0:00)
  • What’s contributing to today’s climate of anxiety? (0:57)
  • Chinwé Williams also weighs in on anxiety in Gen Z. (8:49)
  • How is anxiety impacting today’s teens? (9:15)
  • What’s the difference between situational anxiety and an anxiety disorder? (14:17)
  • What would you say to a high schooler who’s experiencing anxiety? (17:50)
  • There are several different types of anxiety. (18:47)
  • If pushing through or ignoring anxiety doesn’t work, what then? (24:03)
  • You are not alone. (27:46)
  • The way we walk through anxiety matters. (32:52)