Episode Description: How can we leverage a digital strategy to better disciple the kids and teens we lead? In this episode, we share a breakout session from Orange Conference 2022 with Brett Talley, Vice President of Staff Culture and Development at Orange. Brett walks through three mindset shifts that can help us make the most of digital platforms. He also shares some practical tips and resources to engage with as you work to move beyond having a digital presence to start developing a digital discipleship strategy.


Episode Recap:

  • Digital discipleship is important but not easy (1:03)
  • Digital discipleship: What it is, what it isn’t, and why it matters (2:18)
  • There’s a difference between a digital presence and a digital strategy (7:38)
  • We may need to make these shifts in our strategy and mindset (8:54)
  • Relevancy: Content isn’t king, context is (9:38)
  • Engagement: Connect with students whether or not they attend in person (12:02)
  • Proximity: Digital presence gives us new opportunities for discipleship (15:32)
  • Practical tips for digital discipleship (20:01)
  • People you can learn from (27:08)
  • Aim for faithfulness (28:30)