Episode Description: Keeping our kids and volunteers safe is the most important thing we can do as leaders. In this episode, Roy Grant shares actionable strategies you can use to create a safer environment in your kids ministry—from equipping volunteers to preparing for emergencies to cleaning procedures. Roy is the children’s pastor at Church By The Glades, and he’ll be leading a workshop at Orange Conference 2023.

Episode Recap:

  • Get to know Roy Grant (0:58)
  • In some ways, the pandemic made us do things the way we should have before (2:50)
  • Ask these questions when thinking about creating safer environments. (5:53)
  • Do your volunteers belong in your ministry? (7:00)
  • Consider creating a safety team. (10:15)
  • Make sure your volunteers are equipped for the role. (13:58)
  • Empower volunteers to take ownership in your ministry. (17:57)
  • Get your message online. (19:51)
  • Keep these safety concerns in mind. (24:20)
  • Volunteer burnout is a safety concern. (28:16)
  • Standardize things like communication, bathroom trips, and cleaning. (38:24)
  • Start somewhere! (48:28)