Episode Description: In this episode, we share a breakout session from Orange Conference with Matthew Deprez, a pastor at Generations Church who previously worked at Fuller Youth Institute. Matthew shares his research about the key ways that grandparents impact the faith of their grandchildren, and he shares practical tips grandparents can use to engage with their grandkids both in person and from afar.

Episode Recap:

  • Intergenerational relationships were the number one variable for sticky faith (1:03)
  • Family isn’t just like the church, it is the church (2:45)
  • The grandparent-grandchild relationship has changed significantly in recent years (5:30)
  • Grandparents tend to care a lot about leaving a legacy (6:46)
  • Proximity to grandparents impacts faith maturity (10:41)
  • Having grandparents read the Bible in front of their grandchildren matters (15:09)
  • Witnessing grandparents serve can help kids find meaning in purpose (18:34)
  • Being able to talk about faith makes a major difference (21:37)
  • Grandparents have more impact on identity than on spiritual disciplines (24:20)