Episode Description: If we want to keep telling our story well and engaging with a changing culture, our ministries need to innovate. In this breakout session from Orange Conference 2022, Vice President of Orange Leaders Joseph Sojourner breaks down what innovation is, why it’s important, and how to start making it an everyday part of your ministry. He also shares five practical tips for fostering innovation among your team and broader organization.

Episode Recap:

  • When churches innovate, it allows us to better tell our story (0:54)
  • Creativity is opinion based, innovation is data based (4:56)
  • Most practices serve a purpose, but over time they lose their usefulness (8:11)
  • Innovation begins with people (15:26)
  • Creativity and innovation require play (21:27)
  • To be an innovator you have to be a detective and back ideas up with data (25:58)
  • People get invested in the process more than a package (29:45)
  • Start with the shift in how we think, not how we play (30:55)
  • Put a number on it (32:08)
  • Celebrate failure (36:05)
  • Your gallery should mirror your room (38:32)
  • Data will determine (40:56)
  • Respect the human conditions standing in the way (42:49)