Episode Description: 70% of changes made in an organization end up failing, so what can we do to make sure our ministries are able to make and maintain changes to meet the needs of students? In this episode, we share a breakout session from Orange Conference with Jake Mulder, senior director of strategy at Fuller Youth Institute. Jake breaks down the difference between adaptive and technical change, shares a case study that demonstrates the challenges many ministry leaders face, and unpacks five key things that can help you create adaptive change in your organization.

Episode Recap:

  • 70% of change efforts in organization end up failing (0:47)
  • Case Study: The thing teenagers need most is belonging and connection (5:52)
  • Adaptive and technical changes are not the same (12:35)
  • Adaptive change stimulates resistance (21:22)
  • What are the challenges you’re facing in your ministry right now? (23:35)
  • Each person in a ministry needs to learn how to lead up (27:22)
  • Change is a process, not just an event (28:57)
  • Leadership begins with listening (33:27)
  • People support what they help to create (36:53)
  • The best story wins (38:34)
  • Experiment on the margins (42:19)