Episode Description: In order to lead others well, you first must lead yourself well. In this episode, we share an Orange Conference breakout session with Doug Fields, co-founder of Download Youth Ministry. Doug unpacks five areas “below the surface” in a leader’s life where it’s especially important to lead ourselves well, and he shares practical tips for improving in each of these areas.


Episode Recap:

  • To be a great leader, you need to be a great follower (2:47)
  • Leaders tend to ignore the private side of their lives until it’s almost too late (4:42)
  • Sometimes you have to go out of balance to understand what balance is (9:12)
  • There are five areas where it’s important for leaders to lead themselves well (14:26)
  • Your inner drive and ambition (16:21)
  • Your time management (27:19)
  • Your desire and follow-through to study and learn (34:56)
  • Your spiritual habits (38:30)
  • Solitude is vital for discerning between the voice of God and the vision of others (44:22)
  • Your strength and resolve of calling (48:18)