Episode Description: Team culture has always been important, but many of us are thinking about it more than ever in 2022. In this episode, we share a breakout session from Orange Conference with Orange’s Executive Director of Staff Culture and Development Trey McKnight. Trey unpacks 6 of the most important things leaders can do to champion a healthy team culture, and he shares some practical examples of what it looks like when these principles are put into practice.

Episode Recap:

  • Many of us are thinking more intentionally about culture for the first time (0:57)
  • We have to learn how to define the win (2:14)
  • Ask yourself these questions when trying to define the win (6:19)
  • Welcome conflict, support what wins (8:54)
  • Be selective about who’s on the team (13:14)
  • Celebrate humans big, loudly, and often (16:03)
  • Growth is more than numbers (21:08)
  • Put systems and opportunities in place to intentionally build relationships (27:43)
  • Communication is critical (29:02)
  • Fun never hurts unless it’s absent (33:23)