Episode Description: If you want to lead well for the long haul, resiliency is the key. In this episode, we share a session from Orange Conference 2022 where Danielle Strickland breaks down five attitudes that can help you become a more resilient leader. Danielle is a speaker, justice advocate and author whose most recent book, “The Other Side of Hope,” focuses on rediscovering humanity in the midst of cynicism and despair.

Episode Recap:

  • In a culture full of cynicism and despair, resiliency is the key to staying the course (1:46)
  • Resiliency requires us to wake ourselves up (3:36)
  • Our job is not to be perfect, but we can be whole (11:51)
  • You can be like Hercules, or you can be like Jesus (17:34)
  • When you embrace your humanity, you can build connection and community (27:19)
  • Surrender to God, ask for what you need, and then give it away (35:23)
  • Be curious instead of judgmental (37:25)