Episode Description:

When churches prioritize relationship-building over programming, people are more likely to continue following Jesus for a lifetime. And one of the best places for that relationship building to take place is within the context of a small group. In this episode, host Shane Sanchez talks with Tom Shefchunas and Lisette Fraser about the key ingredients for great small group culture. Tom and Lisette also share practical advice from Orange’s new masterclass, “Creating a Small Group Culture,” about how to organize your small groups and equip leaders to stay committed for the long haul.

Episode Recap:

● Culture is hard to define but easy to feel (0:53)
● How to know if a church has a small group culture (3:21)
● Relationships are what help people know Jesus, not programming (5:23)
● Small group strategy is not the same thing as small group culture (9:22)
● Building culture takes a long time (16:32)
● Simple steps leaders can take to start building culture (19:44)
● There’s no minimum size requirement for building culture (24:53)
● The Church has the answer to the questions kids are facing today (32:53)
● How the small group masterclass can help leaders (36:21)
● 3 signs that a church has a great small group culture (39:12)


● Creating a Small Group Culture Masterclass
● “Lead Small” and “When Relationships Matter” by Tom Shefchunas
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