Episode Description: When you create opportunities for teenagers to serve, it helps them build a lasting faith and an understanding of how they fit into God’s story. In this episode, we share a breakout session from Orange Conference 2022 with Orange Specialist Charlie Conder. Charlie explains why service is so important for teens and then walks us through some key questions we can ask ourselves to better understand the role service should play in our ministry and programming.

Episode Recap:

  • When teens serve, it changes how others see them and how they see themselves (0:55)
  • Prioritizing service helps teenagers see their role in God’s bigger story (3:51)
  • We need to rethink our programming to focus on service (7:16)
  • Ask yourself these questions about making service a priority inside the church (12:10)
  • How to help students serve outside the church in their communities (22:15)
  • If you don’t think you have enough interest, try starting anyway (28:21)