Episode Description: As ministry leaders, our job is not just to invest in students, but also in the volunteers who serve with us. In this episode, Orange Curriculum Directors Mike Clear andCrystal Chiang share practical advice and words of encouragement for the leaders who are struggling to recruit volunteers post-pandemic. They also discuss the unique benefits that volunteers can gain from connecting with kids and teens, and they encourage leaders to taketime to clarify their vision and listen to their volunteers.

Episode Recap:

  • The pandemic changed our priorities, and that’s impacting volunteers (1:26)
  • There’s a difference between appreciation and investment (3:29)
  • Remind people that volunteering benefits them as much as the people they serve (6:39)
  • Your job isn’t just to shepherd kids, but to shepherd your volunteers (12:59)
  • There is no substitute for showing up face-to-face for a child or teenager (14:43)
  • A true church family is multi-generational (16:54)
  • Are you consistently listening to your volunteers? (20:47)
  • Volunteers want vision and clarity, and desperation is not vision (24:05)
  • Kids aren’t looking for “cool” leaders, they’re looking for someone who cares (25:03)