Title: What to Expect at OC Digital

Episode Description: There’s value in meeting with people in person, but our technology creates a unique opportunity to build connections with people you wouldn’t otherwise meet. In this episode, host Dave Adamson talks with Dan Scott, director of 252 Kids, about what attendees can expect from Orange Conference Digital. They share a preview of some of the breakout sessions and other bonus content, and Dan explains how we can embrace the benefits of digital technology while still acknowledging the challenges that come with it. 

Episode Recap:

  • With Orange Conference Digital, you can experience conference from anywhere in the world (1:32) 
  • Context is just as important as content, especially online (6:21)
  • Dan will share what he’s learned about helping kids build resilient faith (11:36)
  • Zoom fatigue is real, but OC Digital is designed for interactivity (17:24) 
  • Zoom provides a unique way to connect with people you couldn’t normally (20:43)
  • To be human is to see the image of God in someone you disagree with (24:44)