Title: The Humanity of Rest with Candi Shelton

Episode Description: How might your ministry change if you started making rest a priority? In this episode, host Dave Adamson talks with Onsite Director of Product Development Candi Shelton about the importance of emotional wellness for leaders. Candi explains why wellness is a crucial part of our humanity and shares some of the psychological and physical changes that happen when we allow ourselves to rest. She also shares a preview of what you can expect from the discovery sessions she’s creating to help leaders find a moment of peace and reflection at Orange Conference 2022.

Episode Recap:

  • Orange Conference offers a unique opportunity for important conversations (2:45)
  • Wellness is a central part of the conversation about what it means to be human (4:33)
  • When we prioritize mission over our personal health, the ministry suffers (7:21)
  • We often forget that rest is holy (13:43)
  • When you’re tired and stressed, it’s hard to think creatively and connect with others (19:51)
  • Humans are ecosystems, and we need to care for every part (26:12)
  • Coregulation can help us stay presents in the midst of distractions (31:26)
  • What to expect from the Orange Conference discovery sessions (34:19)
  • Emotional health is something we deserve (39:04)