Episode Description: Sometimes we can get so caught up in looking for God’s standard of righteousness that we forget to prioritize God’s standard of love. In this episode, Change Church pastor, coach, and speaker Dr. Dharius Daniels talks about the importance of embracing our own humanity in order to lead other humans well. He also explains how parenting has shaped his perspective as a leader, and shares how Paul has inspired him to become more vulnerable when setting an example for others.

Episode Recap:

  • To be human is to embrace our identity as God’s creation (2:31)
  • Leadership is about setting an example, and that requires humanity (7:02)
  • The most important thing the Church can do is remember that every human is made in God’s image (11:57)
  • Maintain God’s standard of love without lowering His standard of righteousness (15:06)
  • Your leadership and parenting styles reflect each other (19:14)
  • Embrace your own humanity and celebrate the humanity of others (24:14)