Episode Description:

Art is a powerful tool for processing emotions, sharing our humanity, and helping others feel less alone. In this episode, singer-songwriter Andy Gullahorn joins Dave Adamson to talk about the lessons he’s learned about creativity, digital experiences during the pandemic, and the importance of admitting when you’re wrong. He also shares his perspective about the Church’s responsibility to act like a family.


Episode Recap:

  • To be human is to feel your feelings and make mistakes (2:01)
  • When you apologize, you teach your kids it’s OK to make mistakes (6:23)
  • Music is a vehicle to share your humanity and make others feel less alone (7:41)
  • The Church should be a family, not a corporation (11:49)
  • Creativity is a pathway to processing your emotions (15:44)
  • More than anything, people want digital experiences to feel personal (19:37)
  • Investing in your local community pays off (26:30)