Episode Description:

Mistakes make us human, but so often, we try to fake perfection and miss out on authentic connections in the process. In this episode, bestselling author and acclaimed speaker Jon Acuff joins Dave Adamson for a conversation about the importance of prioritizing relationships and cultivating self-awareness as we engage with social media. He also shares practical steps we can take to overwrite our soundtracks of negative thoughts with powerful, affirming truth.


Episode Recap:

  • To be human is to be messy, creative, and curious (1:45)
  • When there’s a camera out, it changes the moment (3:29)
  • To stay human on social media, prioritize relationships (4:46)
  • Mistakes make us human (8:20)
  • In-person human connection and kindness are extremely important (12:20)
  • The future of the Church is a hybrid model (16:10)
  • Social media is still a tool for helping people feel less alone (17:59)
  • Awareness and intentionality can help you manage your relationship with social media (23:11)
  • Comparison is a feeling, getting stuck in it is a choice (28:11)
  • Replace your soundtrack of negative thoughts (34:19)