Do you celebrate Christmas before Thanksgiving or after? No matter when you put up your tree now is the perfect time to start preparing for how to engage families at Christmas this year! Listen to this week’s episode to learn from Mike Clear about Jingle Jam and how you can create a family-centered Christmas celebration for the whole family!

Timestamps from Episode:

“When we say a Family Experience, or you’ll hear us reference it as FX, a Family Experience is an experience that is designed for kids and their parents.” (3:32)

“If I had to liken FX to something, it’s what Disney does with the parade, in that it’s short, it’s strategic, it’s interactive, there’s music, it’s fun, and you’re participating together.” (6:04)

“How does a Family Experience — apart from putting on a great program — how does that help a church move the ball forward when it comes to family ministry and when it comes to partnering with parents?” (6:57)

“Orange provides the content, you provide the context.” (16:30)

“If you don’t subscribe to Orange Curriculum, we believe in the Christmas [FX] so much that we have made it available for free to anyone.” (18:18)

“We know some churches maybe still are not meeting, we took the Jingle Jam Family Experience event, and we did an online version of it.” (23:47)

“We wanted to think of everything that we could do to put together, to help church leaders win with family.”  (24:19)

“Families in your community are looking for something to do together and you can lean into that and you can provide the best possible experience that you can put together, or you can ignore it and they’ll go elsewhere to find their experience.” (26:27)

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