Why should you come to Orange Conference ’22? What makes Orange Conference so special?

On this episode of the Think Orange Podcast, Dave Adamson sat down with Jamal Jones, Ashley Bohinc and Dan Scott to talk about their favorite memories from Orange Conference and how coming to Orange Conference can make a positive difference in your ministry.

Timestamps from Episode:

“At Orange, we’ve always had people tell us that Orange Conference feels like a reunion.” (5:30)

“Every year, I feel like it’s a chance to interact with the Church — Capital C — and you are reminded that you belong and are part of something so much bigger than just what’s going on in your community.” (9:57)

“I literally wish everyone in 2019 going into that season had heard, ‘Everything changes when it’s someone you know, and it’s all about loving your neighbor, and it’s all about getting personal.’” (12:58)

“If people knew the amount of crazy that happens in those corridors of the arena, I think they’d be amazed.” (24:06)

“There are always opportunities for people to volunteer and serve at Orange Conference, and it is a great chance to peek behind the curtain.” (25:42)

“I would guide them [to come to Orange Conference] by saying, ‘You need to do something for you. What you need to do as a ministry leader is to get somewhere where you’re not strange, or you’re not alone.’” (30:25)

“Ministry is way too hard to not be strategic.” (33:54)


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