Today on The Pod, we tackle two ideas that many ministry leaders have a difficult time accepting. First, we’re joined by Jeanne Stevens who reminds us that with God all things are possible—but He never intended for us to live as though we are limitless. Then Ryan Leak sits down with guest hosts Holly Crawshaw and Sarah Bragg to talk about principles found in his book UnOffendable: No Offense. None Taken.

Welcome to Episode 85 of The Think Orange Podcast!

Podcast Timeline 

Jeanne Stevens talks about doing work with God instead of doing work for God (4:15)

Jeanne shares from Deuteronomy 30:11–14 on the gift of limits (7:51)

The gift of limits leads to the gift of rhythm (11:34)

Warning signs of limitless living (13:58)
• Comparison (14:35)
• Tiredness/sickness (15:15)
• Excessive control (16:14)
• Compulsiveness (16:34)
• Emotional numbing (16:51)
• Escapism (17:27)
• Over-working (17:50)
• Feeling overwhelmed (18:00)
• Worry (18:17)
• Withdrawal (18:20)

With God all things are possible—but not all things are possible for you (18:23)

Holly Crawshaw and Sarah Bragg interview Ryan Leak (21:06)

Ryan describes the idea behind his book UnOffendable: No Offense. None Taken. (26:08)

Everyone has the right to feel offended; the problem is when you stay in that place (32:41)

“Funeral Rules” Ryan’s friend taught him (34:22)
• Consider who you want sitting in the first two rows at your funeral
• Think about what you want those people to say about you and evaluate your life in light of those things

In the same way we’ve been offended, we’ve probably offended others—so we have to create space for grace to come in (36:35)

Believing the best in others, knowing that others have taken a chance on us (38:04)

How to approach a person who is frequently and highly offended (43:13)

As leaders, it’s important to decipher between what’s offensive and what’s constructive (46:26)

Some people want to just fall into friendships, but you have to be intentional if you want to win with relationships (53:00)

Dave’s final thoughts (54:43)