On Episode 74 of The Think Orange Podcast, we sit down with Danielle Strickland, co-founder of the Brave Global Movement. Her aggressive compassion has served people in countries all over the world from anti-trafficking initiatives to establishing justice apartments with the Salvation Army. Danielle is on the front lines of ministry, mobilizing people toward transformational living and revealing to churches everywhere the incredible opportunity we have to be like Jesus in the world.

Topic Timeline

Dave and guest host Dan Scott interview Danielle Strickland (8:43)

Danielle describes her work fighting human trafficking (9:31)

Of domestic sex trafficking victims, 70–80 percent come from the foster care system (11:56)

The mobilization of the church and the freedom of young girls are deeply connected and at the heart of the Brave Movement (12:48)

The steps a church takes as a Brave Global partner (13:13)

  • Sign up at BraveGlobal.org
  • Choose to see where the vulnerable girls are in their community (“We see you. You matter.”)
  • Host a Brave Catalytic event (“We believe in you. You can do it.”)
  • Become an inclusive community that teaches others what Jesus is really like (“We are with you. You’re welcome here.”)

We need to teach girls to make some noise because their first line of self-defense is their voices (15:46)

Brave is about the sacredness of every human life (19:51)

Ways churches can invest time and budget into a vulnerable demographic (22:34)

Practical tips for how to identify vulnerable girls in your community (29:00)

The power of the gospel is a kind of empowerment that not only sets the oppressed free, but the oppressor as well (30:23)

Danielle’s background with the Salvation Army (32:46)

Danielle describes her book The Ultimate Exodus (38:02)

Right now the church is in one of its greatest moments of opportunity to be like Jesus in the world (43:20)

Dave and Kevin’s final thoughts (43:50)

Kevin sings “If You’re Happy and You Know It” (44:22)