Episode 073   |  October 16, 2018
073: Helping Local Schools Win
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Leslie Bolser

Nicole Baker Fulgham

Episode Recap

Today on The Pod, we hear from two educational experts who are passionate about educating ministry leaders and families on ways schools and churches can intersect. First we hear from Nicole Baker Fulgham, whose organization The Expectations Project, is on a mission to end education inequality. Then we hear from Leslie Bolser who provides practical steps—and some cautions—for churches looking to serve local schools.

Welcome to Episode 73 of The Think Orange Podcast.

Topic Timeline

Nicole Baker Fulgham talks about the Church’s responsibility to engage in the ending of education inequality (9:19)

There are more than 300,00 churches and 50,000 high-poverty schools in America—a 6:1 ratio (10:40)

What it looks like for a church to partner with a public school (11:43)
• Know your reason why (14:11)
• Come without an agenda (15:30)
• Educate yourself on the history of race and class within the community in which you want to partner (16:50)
• Don’t reinvent the wheel (17:31)

If you’re going to seek funding, remember that investors want to see results (19:00)

Partnering with public schools with a spirit of humility and a “how can I help” attitude is a great opportunity to reintroduce our communities to what the church is about (19:14)

Ashley interviews Leslie Bolser (21:02)

The first question church leaders must ask when beginning a school-focused partnership is, “What do both sides see as a win?” (21:36)

The quality and state of the schools in a community determine its economic vitality (23:25)

Your church body already has people connected to your public schools—teachers, parents, administrators, etc.—so ask them about their thoughts and perceptions (25:06)

There’s a difference between the languages schools and churches use, so someone knowledgeable in both worlds who can translate might be beneficial (26:40)

Once you’ve established a partnership, find something to do that’s sustainable and needed (29:32)

Going in with no agenda means being there FOR the school, not wanting something FROM them (32:06)

Explanation of Core Essentials wins and resources (35:15)

Dave and Kevin’s final thoughts (39:50)


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