We would probably all agree that service is an important part of student leadership development, but is having students in leadership roles enough? Today on The Pod, we hear from a collection of long-time student ministry experts who share their thoughts on how to develop students who not only lead but have influence as well.

Welcome to Episode 70 of The Think Orange Podcast.

Topic Timeline

Interview with Tom “Shef” Shefchunas on engaging students in weekly service (9:45)

Once students get to high school, we need to focus on weekly service (9:45)

Shef uses Jurassic Park to illustrate what it looks like to provide students the chance to serve—“The T-Rex doesn’t want to be fed. T-Rex wants to hunt.” (12:15)

Five elements of a successful service role for students (13:45)
• It has to be important
• It has to be dependent on them
• It has to be celebrated
• It has to require accountability
• It has to be an important part of the culture

Interview with Stuart Hall and Joseph Sojourner (17:20)

Creating outlets for students to lead (18:05)

The confusion between a position of leadership and one of influence (18:56)

Ways the church can better develop student leaders (20:47)

Filling volunteer vacancies is not leadership development in and of itself (26:11)

Identifying students with influence and leadership potential (28:16)

Developing students of influence (32:22)

Shaping a culture where adult volunteers pour into student co-leaders (39:04)

INFLUNSR’s mission is to develop leaders worth following (43:38)