For some of us in ministry, Vacation Bible School (VBS) is as woven into the fabric of our churches as the Sunday offering or corporate worship. And for those of us whose churches don’t hold an annual VBS, we occasionally field the question why not? After all, isn’t VBS an important tool for discipling the kids within our church and inviting families from our community in?

Today on The Pod, we explore the why and how of a VBS strategy. We’re joined by Dan Scott, who kicks things off by talking about some overarching principles for partnering with parents in our communities. Then, guest hosts Sarah Bragg and Dan interview Amy Fenton, a ministry veteran with 20+ years behind her. They discuss key questions leaders should ask before launching an event like VBS, and practical steps they can take to choose VBS curriculum, recruit volunteers, and manage their budget wisely.

Welcome to Episode 65 of the Think Orange Podcast!

Topic Timeline

Ashley and Dave’s explanation of what VBS is (1:11)

Dan Scott talks about helping parents navigate their way through their parenting journey (10:57)

Reaching parents in your community by celebrating developmental milestones (12:02)

Reaching parents in your community by providing their kids with great small group experiences (13:40)

Reaching parents in your community by empowering the volunteers who serve them (16:10)

Questions to ask before planning an event like VBS (19:18)
• Why are we doing this event in the first place?
• What is its purpose?
• Who do we want to show up?

Sarah Bragg and Dan Scott interview Amy Fenton (28:13)

How children’s ministry has changed over the past 20 years (30:40)

How to use your VBS budget wisely by focusing on its relational aspects (32:56)

Practical steps a church can take to create an effective VBS experience (37:05)

How to recruit (and celebrate!) the volunteer teams that will put on a great VBS that accomplishes your church’s mission (45:02)

Tips for getting church-wide staff involved in VBS (54:03)

Dave and Ashley’s final thoughts (55:44)