Do ever feel like maybe your church should be doing more? Sure, you care for your congregation every Sunday and throughout the week, and you create ministry programs to engage every single person who walks through your doors.

But what about reaching the people outside your church–the ones who may never come close without a direct and persistent invitation? How can you best reach them?

Today’s episode answers that question.

You’ll hear from Danielle Strickland, author of five books and ambassador for Compassion International and Stop the Traffik, on the example Jesus gives us of seeking out the vulnerable. Then Sarah Bragg interviews Noemi Chavez, co-lead pastor of 7th Street Church and co-founder of Brave, about her desire to forever change the future of foster care girls.

Welcome to Episode 64 of the Think Orange Podcast.

Topic Timeline

Dave introduces today’s guests. (1:45)

Danielle Strickland on border places. (3:17)

Jesus is in love with mercy. (7:40)

Danielle shares a story of perspective shift. (11:24)

What vulnerable people need. (17:11)

Jesus gives people choices. (20:28)

Find the border places and ask questions. (24:31)

Sarah Bragg introduces Naomi Chavez. (26:21)

Naomi Chavez on the most at-risk demographic. (33:26)

The Brave campaign. (35:53)

What churches need to understand about human trafficking. (40:23)

How churches can become brave. (44:28)

Dave’s final thoughts. (48:59)