Community is a buzzword—everyone is talking about it. But in our increasingly digital world, people often feel lonely and crave connection more than ever before. Today on Episode 63 of The Think Orange Podcast, we unpack what it takes to build great community.

First, Kara Powell shares insights from young people and church leaders around the country who participated in her team’s Growing Young research. Then guest hosts Sarah Bragg and Holly Crawshaw sit down with Mike Park, student ministry veteran and church planter, for a conversation surrounding what it takes to foster authenticity among students and young adults. You’ll come away encouraged and challenged by the practical steps your church can take today to grow healthy community that lasts.

Welcome to Episode 63 of the Think Orange Podcast.

Topic Timeline

Kara Powell talks about warm community (4:55)

Churches that are growing young are described as “like family” (4:55)

Churches practicing healthy community have meeting spaces that feel less like a theater and more like a family room (8:27)

Healthy community involves both short-term and long-term opportunities (9:43)

Healthy community is made up of intergenerational relationships (12:01)

Sarah Bragg and Holly Crawshaw interview Mike Park (14:20)

Creating healthy community begins with giving young people a voice (19:06)

Facilitating spaces for authentic, face-to-face community where people can share their struggles and doubts (23:54)

Story of transformation as a result of safe, authentic community (27:10)

Healthy community begins with a healthy leader (30:35)

Practical steps for beginning to foster healthy, safe community (32:13)
• Start with you
• Practice it within your leadership team
• Be patient

Mike’s personal experience with community in his college years (35:52)

Dave’s final thoughts (40:38)