When tragedy strikes, you’re likely the first person people turn to. That’s both a heavy burden and a great blessing. Done right, your response points hurting teens and their parents to the only one who can do something with their pain: Jesus.

In today’s show, you’ll hear from two women who know how to walk through seasons of trauma with others. And they’re here to share their wisdom with all of us.

First up is Brooklyn Lindsey, Director of Orange’s High School Exchange, on the conversations we have in the midst of crisis. Then, Joseph Sojourner and Holly Crawshaw interview Katie Edwards, the Junior High Ministry Director at Saddleback Church.

Welcome to Episode 62 of the Think Orange Podcast.

Topic Timeline

Dave and Ashley introduce today’s guests. (4:25)

Brooklyn Lindsey on leading through crisis, trauma and tragedy. (6:11)

The importance of listening, feeling and remembering. (11:35)

What you can say to a teenager in times of crisis. (14:35)

Joseph Sojourner and Holly Crawshaw introduce Katie Edwards. (18:00)

How today’s teenagers respond to tragedy. (20:50)

The first line of defense when tragedy strikes. (22:00)

How to equip volunteers to respond to tragedy. (25:33)

The best first step to meeting needs during a crisis. (31:00)

How to partner with your community. (34:30)

The surprising ways middle schoolers respond to tragedy. (38:15)

How to support parents in walking through things with their children. (39:55)

Encouragement for new youth pastors. (41:47)

Dave and Ashley’s final thoughts. (44:41)