Today on a very special edition of the Think Orange Podcast, we sit down with Louie Giglio to talk about his latest books Goliath Must Fall and Indescribable. Through the conversation, we discover that the key to defeating our own Goliaths is to no longer see ourselves as David. Instead, we must keep our eyes on Jesus, the one and only giant-slayer.

Welcome to Episode 49 of the Think Orange Podcast.

Topic Timeline:

Interview with Louie Giglio (5:57)

Louie’s background in ministry (6:25)

Description of “Goliaths” leaders face in ministry (8:57)

Overcoming the giant of Approval (12:00)

Moving from looking for approval to living from a place of approval (19:50)

Why Goliath must fall (22:22)

Our giants are dead, but they can still be deadly (28:20)

We’ve got to remember there is a finished work of Jesus (32:11)

Focusing on the truth found in Psalm 23 changes our focus from staring down our giants to looking to the Shepherd (35:00)

What’s on Louie Giglio’s playlist (39:19)

Louie sings a little James Taylor for us (41:36)

Dave and Louie talk about their shared experience at Hillsong Australia, and about Louie’s new kid’s devotional, Indescribable (42:14)

Dave and Ashley’s final thoughts (47:08)