Raising kids isn’t for the faint of heart. There’s bound to be messes, sleepless nights, and questions (oh so very many questions) along the way. The parents in your church and in your community can’t—and shouldn’t have to!—do it alone.

Today on The Pod, we’re joined by Carey Nieuwhof, father, pastor, and author of the book Parenting Beyond Your Capacity, as well as Orange’s own Holly Crawshaw, part of our Parent Cue team. Together we begin a conversation on five timeless principles that every parent can use right now. We move from big ideas to practical advice, with a whole lot of personal stories of failure and success mixed in.

Welcome to Episode 47 of the Think Orange Podcast!

Topic Timeline:

Dave and Holly interview Carey Nieuwhof (9:34)

Story behind the book Parenting Beyond Your Capacity (11:33)

The five principles of parenting beyond your capacity (12:40):

• Widen the circle

• Imagine the end

• Fight for the heart

• Create a rhythm*

• Make it personal*

What it looks like to widen the circle (15:42)

Advice for parents who don’t know where to begin finding mentors for their kids (21:43)

How to imagine the end (24:39)

Prioritizing time together away from home (29:11)

Why we must fight for the heart (33:19)

Practical steps for building influence with your child (37:54)

Dave and Ashley’s final thoughts (43:01)

Ministry leaders have the opportunity to partner with parents as they widen the circle (43:39)

We’re not raising kids, we’re raising adults (45:04)

What it looks like for a student ministry leader to fight for the heart (46:56)

* Producer’s note: We’ll be talking about Create a Rhythm and Make It Personal next week in Episode 48. You won’t want to miss it!