As the church, we are called to gather around those in pain. But what about those whose pain isn’t as obvious—how do we help them? In today’s episode of the Think Orange Podcast, we’ll discuss how ministry leaders can gather around families walking through the loss of a pregnancy or an infant.

First we’re joined by Kristen Ivy, Lauren Terrell, and Leah Jennings, for an honest conversation about what it looks like to walk through the loss of a child. Then Kenny Conley, NextGen Pastor at Mission Community Church, shares about his own experiences as a father, husband, and pastor.

Welcome to Episode 45 of the Think Orange Podcast.

Topic Timeline:

Kristen Ivy interviews Leah Jennings and Lauren Terrell (4:00)

Leah and Lauren talk about what they needed most—and didn’t need—from the people closest to them after their miscarriages (4:30)

Leah and Lauren share how their experiences have shaped the way they respond to others walking through similar circumstances (9:58)

Generational differences in how we process and talk about pregnancy loss (13:48)

Dave’s interview with Kenny Conley (18:00)

Kenny’s own story of pregnancy loss (19:39)

Nobody steps into marriage planning to lose a child (22:59)

There’s camaraderie in loss, but many people don’t get to share that (23:36)

How Kenny’s friends and church community gathered around their family as they grieved (24:26)

Once you’ve gone through a miscarriage, you see things through a different lens (26:58)

Why many choose to not talk about pregnancy loss (27:55)

It’s believed that 1 in 3 pregnancies end in loss (29:00)

Description of Made Known product (30:45)

Dave and Ashley’s final thoughts (35:37)