As church leaders, we spend a lot of time planning programs, events, and weekend gatherings for people in our communities. We think if we build it, they will come. But what if the people who come aren’t the ones we’re meant to reach?

Today on the Think Orange Podcast, we interview Virginia Ward about community asset mapping, a process for how churches can better understand what’s happening around them. We also join a conversation between Reggie Joiner, Kara Powell, and Jimmy Mellado, in which Jimmy talks about five behaviors that shape Compassion’s workplace culture. We take some time to dive into the behavior of letting others in on your plans—both inside and outside your team.

Welcome to Episode 43 of the Think Orange Podcast!

Topic Timeline:

Dave and Ashley talk about Valentine’s Day (3:03)

Part 1 of Dave’s interview with Virginia Ward (6:45)

Explanation of community asset mapping (8:00)

Why it’s important to know who your neighbor is (10:12)

The analogy of salt mixing with manure (12:23)

Where Abundant Life Church got the idea to map their community assets (13:41)

How Abundant Life Church uses the results of their assessment on a weekly basis (14:37)

Throwing old school neighborhood block parties (15:45)

It’s not enough for churches to invite people to them—they’ve got to get outside their walls (19:23)

Conversation on culture with Reggie Joiner, Kara Powell, and Jimmy Mellado (20:04)

Culture is just how life happens—whether you have an initiative to improve it or not (21:01)

Five behaviors that have shaped Compassion International’s workplace culture (22:07):

• We behave like we’re here for a reason (22:53)

• We are 100 percent for each other (23:46)

• We are serious about growth—ours and others (24:36)

• We are careful with our words (25:43)

• We let others in (26:56)

Part 2 of Dave’s interview with Virginia Ward (28:08)

Steps for inviting other community leaders into your plans (28:24)

The benefits of community asset mapping from the church’s perspective (30:59)

Where to begin with community asset building (32:51)

Dave and Ashley’s final thoughts (34:26)

Dave sings Frank Sinatra for his wife (37:59)