When you’re a start-up church, there are a million details to think about before you can even open your doors. It can be tempting to start by creating places for adults to worship. But what if you could make a greater impact by turning your energy toward a strategy that keeps the entire family in mind?

Today on the Think Orange Podcast, Brian White shares some principles we can learn from Disney that can be applied to our family ministry environments. Then Geoff Surratt joins us in the bunker for a conversation about what all churches—but especially start-ups—can do to implement successful family ministries.

Welcome to Episode 42 of the Think Orange Podcast!

Topic Timeline:

Lessons from Disney with Brian White (8:55)

How Walt Disney came to the idea for Disney Land (9:00)

Churches have to deliberately design environments where parents and children can experience Jesus together (11:10)

Honor the past without living in it (11:28)

Ways the Disney Company has innovated over the past few decades (14:20)

A story of a time Disney missed an opportunity because they didn’t embrace the future (17:41)

The costs of choosing to live in the past (22:45)

Interview with Geoff Surratt (24:20)

What successful churches are doing in implementing their family ministries (25:30)

How nextgen leaders can lean into senior leaders to help them catch the vision for family ministry (26:45)

Getting to know your community before planting a church (31:39)

The biggest issues church planters often face in the first months (34:11)

Standards of excellence should be scalable (39:43) Dave and Ashley’s final thoughts (43:17)