We’ve all been there. Sunday morning rolls around and we’re panicked by the number of volunteer roles left unfilled. We think, “Don’t people know the church has the most incredible mission on the planet!?” The truth is, many of the people in your congregation do—they’re just waiting for you to ask them to join you.

On episode 41 of the Think Orange Podcast, we’re joined by Christine Kreisher, Discipleship Pastor at GT Church, and Adam Duckworth, Lead Communicator at Downtown Harbor Church. They address several reasons why we need to rethink our approach to volunteer recruitment. Secure your earbuds and get ready for these volunteer experts to help you mobilize volunteers to accomplish your mission.

Welcome to episode 41 of the Think Orange Podcast.

Topic Timeline:

Christine Kreisher tells her story of how volunteerism has changed her life (7:19)

The secret to recruiting volunteers is retention (12:44)

Avoiding the revolving door of recruitment (13:48)

Interview with Adam Duckworth (18:45)

What first drew Adam to volunteer (24:13)

Misconceptions people have and why they don’t volunteer (27:11)

How to invite volunteers to fill needs (29:05)

Community is the secret sauce of volunteerism (33:51)

The 7 quirks of not normal volunteers (35:26)

As a leader, you can help people develop these 7 quirks (37:45)

Advice for leaders managing volunteers for the first time (40:36)

  • Establish a coaching structure
  • Remember it’s all about relationships

Dave and Ashley’s final thoughts (43:30)