We all have things we’re afraid of. Some of those fears stay on the surface and are easy to talk about—like our host Dave’s fear of spiders. But many of us wrestle with fears that lie deeper within. We find ourselves asking questions like, “What if I try and fail?” “What if I’m not good enough?” or, “What if God doesn’t care about the pain I feel?”

On Episode 22 of the Think Orange Podcast, our guests Ryan Leak and Carlos Whittaker talk about what it takes to face our fears, chase failure, and uncover the lies we allow to plague our lives.

Topic Timeline:

Dave introduces our producer Kevin (1:00)

Dave sets up the ideas of fear and failure (2:54)

Ryan Leak talks about chasing failure (6:03)

Why God commands us to be strong and courageous (7:01)

Ryan tells a story about when he tried out for the NBA (7:30)

Dare every student to do something impossible and help every kid finish strong (13:50)

What would your family ministry look like if you really believed God was with you wherever you went? (14:53)

Dave interviews Carlos Whittaker (15:44)

Carlos explains the concept of his upcoming book Kill the Spider (17:36)

Definition of a “spider”—an agreement you’ve made with a lie (20:01)

Not all “cobwebs”—or symptoms of an issue—are obvious (23:01)

When you uncover one lie you believe, you may uncover several (24:40)

If you want to uncover the lies in your life, you’ll need to slow down (26:57)

General differences men and women experience when it comes to addiction, behavior, and issue-driven symptoms (32:28)

Fear of missing out (FOMO) is huge in our culture, but it does nothing more than give birth to even more lies (37:06)

How to preorder Carlos’ book Kill the Spider (41:01)

Dave and Kevin’s final thoughts (42:47)