The church has 40 hours with a child annually, and their parents have 3,000 hours with them. If we want to impact the lifelong faith of a child, we need to partner with their parents if we have any chance of being effective. The good news is: Parents want a plan. On today’s episode, Mike Clear and Sherry Surratt are talking about reactivating the family. When the church helps the parents, then both influences win.

Welcome to Episode 010 of the Think Orange Podcast.

Topic Timeline:

2:05 – Mike Clear

4:45 – Statistics on the landscape of families in America today

6:20 – Parents believe that they are responsible for the moral and spiritual development of their children.

7:20 – What if Sunday was a beginning and not an end?

9:55 – What if you made Sunday easy to repeat on Monday?

15:50 – You’re in a unique position as a church

17:30 – Interview with Sherry Surrat

17:55 – What does reactivating parents mean?

19:10 – The four critical inflection points for families

20:00 – Does reactivating the parents work for every kind of family?

21:00 – The organic opportunities for connection with parents and kids

23:50 – The most important things to discuss with children

25:45 – An Orange resource to cue parents for each phase of life

28:10 – If you can only connect with parents one time each year, what should you do?